Life has led me to art without my having foreseen it

and I have let myself be led by it docilely, without pretensions, without pre-established ideas. I am a self-taught artist and my work has been emerging intuitively, spontaneously and somewhat chaotic, only being carried away by color, light and my observation of the world that has surrounded me and surrounds me.

First came sculpture, modeling in clay and plasticine, a material that has allowed me to keep a foot in my childhood and at the same time transmit more adult messages impregnated with irony, sometimes criticism and above all a sense of humor.

Painting came later on and was a continuation of the language started with clay but limited to two dimensions. I have sought the simplicity of drawing, pure lines, volume through flat and vivid colors. The predominance of intense lights over the shadows that highlight them.

I paint and model because I wouldn’t know how to live without doing it, because it allows me to tell stories without words, only with shapes and colors, the colors that make me feel alive.